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Customer Success Training for fast-growing companies.


Learn the Tactics and Strategies Top Customer Success Managers use to reduce Churn, increase Adoption and deliver more Renewals.


Learn A Systematic Approach to Delivering Customer Success.

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Learn how to define what Success is for your customers and develop plans to deliver it.

Getting customers to use your product isn't enough. They need to solve the challenges that got them to buy in the first place. We'll show you the best ways to discover and understand their goals, define the solutions they need and build plans that guide them to the outcomes they need in order to experience success.

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Discover how to stay engaged and turn satisfied customers into advocates.

Keeping customers engaged is critical. Driving adoption and positioning possible expansion opportunities isn't going to happen if you can't even get your customer to talk to you. We'll show how to drive engagement so you avoid becoming a hitchhiker on your customers road to success.

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Learn how to increase adoption and set the stage for renewals and improved retention.

If your customers aren't using your product to its fullest, your goal of 'land and expand' is going to rapidly turn into 'land and leave'. We'll teach you how to strengthen your expansion strategy by showing you how to construct a clear plan that drives adoption, positions you for expansion and makes renewals inevitable.

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Earn a Certification that demonstrates your mastery of the best-practices of Customer Success.

When you take our Customer Success Training and pass your Certification exam, you’ll earn a certification that will enable you to provide tangible, demonstrable proof of your proficiency in the much sought-after Customer Success Manager skillset.

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July Level 1

Starts July 26th, 2018

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July Level 2

Starts July 26th, 2018

Customer Success Training Solutions
to meet every need.

We offer a full-range of Training offerings to meet your needs. 

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CSM Coaching Program

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CSM Academy


On-Demand Courses

On-demand Training Courses for Customer Success Managers. Learn about Customer Success best-practices through our new self-guided courses.

Group Training and Coaching for Customer Success Managers. Improve your skills and learn how to deliver better outcomes and results in just 12-weeks.

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Customer Success Training Workshops

Experience facilitated Training in a classroom or Workshop setting. Learners and instructors interact and discuss the training material in a group setting.

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Private Custom Tailored Courses

Offer Your Team Training and Coaching in a Private Course. Create your own training program from our selection of Customer Success training lessons.