The Importance of Finding a Coach

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There are times when you’ll find yourself faced with difficult decisions or work situations where a wrong move might jeopardize a positive future with your client, company or peers. Or, you just want to keep improving yourself and getting help as you proceed along your career path. You’ll find that kind of assistance in a business coach. Someone from the outside looking in, providing you with a fresh and varied perspective, can introduce new ideas and new ways of thinking that you may not have considered previously.


A coach isn’t a consultant; someone who comes to your office analyzes your situation and tells you what to do...or does the work for you. Your coach is someone who spends time getting to know you and your business and acts as the “kindling” to ignite your critical thinking skills. Your coach will help you ask the right questions and make reasoned judgments. You’re getting additional points of view on things important to you and your professional life. Most important to remember is that the process of coaching is not about a “quick fix.” Coaches can help in a pinch, but coaching is more about playing the long game. 


You’ll be forced to think and learn for yourself. Experience counts and your coach will be able to share ideas and relevant examples from their career. You’ll be acquiring input from a seasoned and trusted source that can surface ideas and perspectives you might not have taken into consideration. It’s personal development at its best, helping you make well-reasoned decisions that you can incorporate into your world, right away. A coach can also prevent you from learning things the hard way and making big mistakes. Experience counts, and it can pay nice dividends.


The best thing you’ll get from a coach is that you'll keep focused on achieving your goals and help you stay grounded. Having a weekly coaching meeting forces you to take a few hours to focus on where you’re at and where you’re going. This analysis is essential, but people often say they’re too busy to make time for it. Having a coach will keep you accountable.


A coach is a sounding board, confidant, mentor, and cheer leader. Someone you can turn to who can offer up insight, and perspective to help you make more thoughtful choices and decisions. Coaching is a great investment for your future. Focus on finding a coach or coaching program that specializes in your industry or job role. You'll benefit from fast time to value and relevant advice. 

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Andrew Marks

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