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Each month, John Bowman picks a new cool piece of technology that helps Customer Success Managers be more productive. We call it “Apps For Success” and in this review (#7) he takes a closer look at Hugo. 

This month we’re going to focus on the most underrated part of Customer Success… MEETING NOTES! I know what you’re thinking “Meeting notes? Did John fall off his motorcycle and hit his head?” But hear me out! All of your other communication with customers is automatically documented. 

Email a client? It’s right there in writing. Send an NPS? You automatically record the score. Did the customer create a support ticket? Again, it’s already durable communication. You have that history!

If you think about it, the only thing that doesn’t automatically create a history of your interaction with a customer is when you verbally interact with a customer. 

This what makes taking good meeting notes so important! The notes become a record. You’re creating an audit trail of what was talked about, what was decided, and why. This type of information becomes invaluable anytime you’re looking at a customer profile in your company’s one true source of customer information and it makes teamwork so much easier!

There are a ton of different ways to take meeting notes (Google docs, by hand, directly into the CRM, etc.). But not all of these ways are created equal. Writing meeting notes is something you should be doing every day so it’s worth it to figure out the best practices. To that end, let’s talk about Hugo

[Standard disclaimer here. I own no part of any of the productivity apps for Customer Success Managers I’ll be reviewing in this column. The opinions contained in this review are mine and mine alone. SuccessHACKER is kind enough to lend me their microphone. If you happen to disagree, leave a comment and let me know! I love a good spirited debate.]

On to the app. Click here to watch my video review!


What do you like best?

I love that Hugo is an app specifically designed to solve a solvable problem. It doesn’t try to be a huge thing or do things that it doesn’t need to do. The Product Managers at Hugo have done a great job to keep it simple, easy to use, and intuitive. 

My absolute favorite feature is the meeting template option. Your meetings should all follow set agendas and you should be following that agenda each time you run a meeting. The standardization of the process that can easily be meandering and time-consuming when done incorrectly is a huge benefit. 

Finally, I love that Hugo connects with everything that I use! Specifically, the Salesforce, Zoom, and Google Calendar integrations work seamlessly and help me every day. 

What do you dislike?

The older I get, the more I realize that discipline brings you freedom. That may not be earth-shattering for you, but for me, it took a long time to learn. Being consistently good at meetings takes discipline. It’s a skill like any other which you have to build up over time. I don’t like that Hugo is another app I have to log into every day - I just wish it was part of Salesforce. But the discipline of using Hugo far outweighs not using it!

I also wish Hugo could automatically send meeting notes after I finish taking them to the client. 

What business problems does the product solve? 

As I mentioned above, you can use Hugo to help with your meeting agenda’s and notes. But more than that, Hugo gives you a standardized way to make an agenda and take notes. This means you can easily create a repeatable process for training across the team. 

The uniformity of your meeting notes and the singular place for storing them allows for teamwork to flourish on your team. Hugo enables you to have one true source of customer information because it’s ease of use ensures your team will use it and it (probably) integrates with your CRM. 

The little things really add up. Getting a reminder to be disciplined about meeting agendas and notes can really give a much needed to boost to your team members who might need a bit of an edge to become better about documentation. 


Hugo can take one of the biggest weaknesses of any organization and turn it into a strength. Often times, doing mundane activities comes down to the ease of completion to make sure they actually get done. Hugo does a great job of taking meeting notes and making them extremely easy.

Need a reminder to set agendas? Hugo will remind you every day. Need to review a Zoom recording of a meeting to create notes? Hugo can help with that. Need to update your CRM with the notes you took? Hugo has got you! Hugo is a great way to create a standardized way of note taking which is invaluable to teams for working well together. 

Quality shared notes drive teamwork. Give Hugo a go today to help your team work better together!

Oh, and it’s free for one user, so give it a shot!

Have another favorite app for capturing meeting notes? Put it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it!

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John Bowman, Esq., is the Director of Customer Success at Jetpack Workflow. He is a rising star in the Customer Success community, leading the The Pittsburgh Customer Success Meetup and the Pittsburgh Gainsight Pulse chapter, as well as moderating the Customer Success Subreddit. John utilizes his 10+ years of professional experience to focus organizations on one goal: the customer's desired outcome.