Nurturing Customer Success Skills: Introducing the Customer Success Competency Model

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Let’s start by discarding the false (and discouraging) belief that you’re either innately gifted with amazing interpersonal skills or a person who’s better off working behind the scenes (read: not with real human beings).

The fact is, all the skills and traits required by a competent Customer Success professional in today’s competitive marketplace can be learned. This is great news for both those looking to improve their career within an organization and for the organization itself.

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For the individual, it means they have the opportunity to develop top-notch Customer Success skills, instead of treading water with the same skill set for their whole career.

For the organization, it means that achieving a consistent, scalable, and replicable method of training to drive improved performance across all key behaviors and skills is possible (along with its ultimate positive impact to key elements like the customer relationship and retention).

But, a short-term, surface approach to Customer Success won’t cut it in today’s crowded marketplace. In order to stand out from the crowd and differentiate your business and product offering, you have to discover—and wield—the real power of a well-trained customer-facing team.

Tapping into the Power of Success

Whatever your business, customers ARE your business. While that seems intuitively obvious, it’s always surprising how much of that key perspective gets lost in the shuffle of day-to-day management. At the end of the day, satisfied customers are what we’re all after, right? Because of this, having employees who are equipped with the right skills to drive successful interactions will improve overall relations with your customer base.

Nurturing a Deep Understanding of Needs

Being in a reactive mode is a more traditional and less-forward thinking position that doesn’t afford an organization the agility to anticipate and prevent problems. Anticipating and preventing issues is a proactive strategy that results from a dynamic relationship with customers that allows Customer Success to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. Equipped with empathy (one of the key Customer Success skills) and a customer-focused orientation, team members can successfully collaborate, build trust, and achieve desired outcomes. This is what we call a win-win…and we all know what a win-win means in business terms!

But how does one develop all the attributes required to achieve this? That’s where SuccessCOACHING comes in.


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A Comprehensive Model with Big Results

We want you to dive deep and start seeing the results that come from applying core guiding principles to excel in post-sale customer-facing support and success roles. And we’ve identified the five disciplines of Customer Success and developed our Customer Success Competency Model (CSCM) to help you do just that.

The principles we’ve laid out in our CSCM are universally applicable and will help guide Customer Success roles. This model will enable Customer Success team members to take a more active role in their professional development and allow organizations to create a cohesive, efficient customer experience that translates to overall improved customer relations…and increased profits.

Download your copy of the 60-page guide today to learn how to evaluate whether your team has the skills necessary to perform at a world-class level, with the CSCM you now have a way to assess your team and determine where you need to invest to improve your team’s Customer Success skills and abilities.

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Todd Eby is the Co-Founder of SuccessHACKER. He's an acknowledged expert on the building and scaling of Customer Success programs and teams. He utilizes his 20+ years of experience to promote one simple truth; successful customers = successful business. His innovative approach to Customer Success has made him one of the most recognized thought leaders and influencers in the industry.