Introducing Apps For Success

We're super excited to launch a brand new educational series called “Apps for Success”.

We've partnered with the incredibly knowledgeable (and all round nice guy) John Bowman, Director of Customer Success at JetPack Workflow, to bring you monthly video reviews of cool technology that we think could help you be more productive in your day-to-day Customer Success work. After all, we're all short of time, right? Anything that helps us get more done with less is a good thing!

And best of all, these Customer Success productivity apps are all FREE or INEXPENSIVE! Yes, we're focusing on finding those hidden gems that help you GSD whilst not breaking the bank. What's not to like?

John will be picking a new app to review each month, starting this month with a clever but really powerful little app that will help you keep track of follow ups. Look out for his first review later this week.

In the meantime, we asked John to introduce himself and give us a feel for what to expect in the coming months....

John Bowman

My name is John and I head up Customer Success for an early stage Startup (just under 6000 WAU). I’m was also lucky enough to go through the SuccessHACKER CSM training course (and I highly recommend it. PM if you want more details). 

Creating a Customer Success program can be tough - especially if you’re new to the field like I was 4 years ago! I’m sure you’ve read the metaphor before, but it’s like jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down. 

I want to help you get your wings in place so you can at least glide gracefully. 

To that end, a major part of your Success program is going to be your tooling. What Customer Success productivity apps exist to help you do your job more efficiently? What are the drawbacks of one versus another? What are the benefits? You get the idea. 

This column is going to be a recurring post in which I dissect a different tool for you to try out. I’ll give you the overview, benefits, drawbacks, and a final grade. For the first few I’m going to run through the apps I know and love. But let me know if you have any apps you want me to review by posting in the comments below.

John's inaugural post will be published on Thursday, May 10th. Don't miss it!

About the Author

John Bowman

John Bowman, Esq., is the Director of Customer Success at Jetpack Workflow. When he is not building the organization and team there, you will find him leading The Pittsburgh Customer Success Meetup, the Pittsburgh Gainsight Pulse chapter, moderating the Customer Success Subreddit on Reddit, or volunteering teaching Computer Science to underprivileged inner city high schoolers. He utilizes his 10+ years of professional experience to focus organizations on one goal: the customer's desired outcome. His cross disciplinary approach to problem solving allows him to find solutions to customer problems others can't. He is a practicing Pro Bono Attorney in Pennsylvania and a rising star in the Customer Success community.