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Each month, John Bowman picks a new cool piece of technology that helps Customer Success Managers be more productive. We call it 'Apps For Success' and in this review (#1) he takes a closer look at 

Our inaugural post is on follow-ups! Don’t knock the hustle - following up should be a huge part of your job (in fact it’s how I got my current job!). We’re all too familiar with being an accountability coach during the implementation process and there are a number of tools that can help you make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

A properly used follow up tool can help you keep known unknowns known! If you’re not using one, then you probably have no idea how many follow-ups you are missing. The number of follow-ups you're missing is an unknown unknown - you could be forgetting tons! And if that’s the case, you’re leaving easy opportunities to deliver value to your customers on the table as well as breaking momentum in building relationships. 

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First up in our column, is and we will be reviewing their “Starter plan” at $23 a month. 

[Standard disclaimer here. I own no part of any of the productivity apps for Customer Success Managers I’ll be reviewing in this column. The opinions contained in this review are mine and mine alone. If you happen to disagree, leave a comment and let me know! I love a good spirited debate to discover the truth.]

Watch the video review of!


What do you like best? helps you manage something you have no idea you’re missing out on. The best part is the auto follow up feature. Auto follow-ups are drip campaigns which will help keep your emails top of mind for your customers by automatically sending reminders to them about your initial message. Your follow-up game needs to be strong to be great at your job and this feature will make you instantly great at follow-ups. 

What do you dislike? doesn’t have a great integration with Outlook. So, if you use Outlook, you will need to use the BCC functionality explained here. Once you build the habit, it is rather easy but it will require you to add the addresses to the BCC field on emails you need to be reminded. If you’d like an Outlook-specific tool, here is a great list.  

It is also not a free tool.

What business problems does the product solve? What benefits have you realized?

I’ve saved countless hours on follow-ups using the auto follow up feature. Additionally, I now am certain I’m not letting anything slip through the cracks. Not only does the auto follow-up feature save you time, it will remove human error from your follow-up game. Use this product for an instant level up in your skills! 


Use to impress your customers with your grit and persistence. It will also make sure your emails stay top of mind for your recipients and remove human error. 

Thank you for reading! Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve this column? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think! 

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