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Each month, John Bowman picks a new cool piece of technology that helps Customer Success Managers be more productive. We call it "Apps For Success” and in this review (#4) he takes a closer look at Grammarly. 

This month we are reviewing Grammarly. Moreover, like last month, it is a google chrome extension which will continuously work in the background whenever you have a browser open. While Auto Text Expander works to make you more efficient, Grammarly works to keep you looking smart to your customers. Just like how I wouldn’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I would never write emails or chat with customers without Grammarly!

Here is a link to the chrome extension. Moreover, as I said before, it’s free! So give it a shot.

Once you have it installed on your browser, it will continuously read the text you write for you and scan for grammatical errors. When it finds a mistake, it will highlight the failure and give you options to improve your writing. We all need a little help with our Grammar now and then, and this is just the tool for those that do.

Like it or not, communicating through the written word is a skill that is highly prized in any job and is amazingly vital to Success because you are always trying to convey complex messages through text. Grammarly has your back because it keeps you from making stupid mistakes and keeps you looking eloquent in your customers’ eyes.

[Standard disclaimer here. I own no part of any of the productivity apps for Customer Success Managers I’ll be reviewing in this column. The opinions contained in this review are mine and mine alone. SuccessHACKER is kind enough to lend me their microphone. If you happen to disagree, leave a comment and let me know! I love a good spirited debate.]

On to the app - here is my video review


What do you like best?

Since this app continually runs in the background, it immediately becomes ingrained in your day to day writing. You don’t have to do anything to turn it on; it will just show you where you made a mistake and help you to fix the error. I love that I can write like usual and have a constant source of significant improvements in reading what I’m writing.

I love the way this app makes me look smarter and that it’s FREE!

What do you dislike?

Just like last month’s app, Grammarly sometimes doesn’t work with specific web apps. I’m not sure why that is, but some programs only won’t allow Grammarly to check your work. For example, Google Docs won’t allow Grammarly.

However, that’s ok! Like we showed you in the video, if you want to, you can copy your text and paste it into a Grammarly window to get the benefit of their software on those sites which don’t allow it to run 24/7.

What business problems does the product solve? What benefits have you realized?

First impressions matter - especially in business. You never want your first email to new customers to be filled with spelling or grammatical errors. It just makes you look sloppy and can cause your customers to doubt your abilities to do your job.

If you use Grammarly, then you will always make an excellent first (and every) impression because your copy will read as smooth as silk. You will never give your customers cause to doubt your capabilities due to stupid mistakes. Moreover, you might learn a thing or two along the way using this app!


I use this Customer Success productivity app every day in every interaction I have with every customer I speak to. It has saved me from many spelling and Grammatical errors and makes me a better writer in general. I get a ton of value from this app and, it’s FREE! Haha. So please give it a download, and I hope you like it!

Thank you for reading! Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve this column? Please share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think! 

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