The Future of Customer Success Training is Here


Customer Success Training Joins the Subscription Economy

At SuccessHACKER we realized early on that the typical model for delivering Customer Success training had to change. This drove the launch of our innovative SuccessCOACHING training program. With it, we brought more expert guidance into online training for CSMs and utilized a paced approach to installing new behaviors and practices for maximum impact.

Fast-forward two years, and Customer Success is becoming increasingly mainstream. The CSM job market continues surge and the training needs of CSMs are evolving.

Today’s CSMs, and aspiring CSMs, are looking for new ways to not only rapidly gain knowledge and professional development, but also a resource that they can tap into as their career progresses and their challenges change. They want to learn what they want, when they want it.

Enter SuccessTRAINING.

Introducing SuccessTRAINING, the Fast-Track to CSM Success

Brought to you by the founders of SuccessHACKER, with their combined 60+ years of industry experience, SuccessTRAINING is an subscription-based online training and certification program that arms Customer Success Managers with all the core skills they need to be able to meet and exceed customer expectations in 2019 and beyond.

Welcome to the future of Customer Success Management training.

The Same Quality Customer Success Curriculum, More Flexibility

At SuccessHACKER, we believe that the best way to grow or start your career in Customer Success is to invest in yourself, which is why we focus on creating courses and educational materials that enable you to maximize your potential.

This belief is why we created the SuccessCOACHING program. Today we’re proud to introduce SuccessTRAINING as the self-guided version of our bar-raising program, because we understand that everyone learns differently, and every CSM’s needs are unique.

SuccessCOACHING and SuccessTRAINING are both excellent programs. While the curriculum and certification paths are the same, there are three major differences between the programs, all of which are important to consider when deciding which Customer Success training solution is right for you or your team: structure, guidance and curriculum access.

SuccessCOACHING is an coach-led program, ideal for those who learn best from a structured approach that features expert guidance. The weekly lessons and video calls, along with the unique coaching component, are great for learners that crave an environment that fosters accountability and guided learning.

If you want a focused and structured learning experience lead by an expert coach then SuccessCOACHING is the program for you, but if you’ve found yourself concerned by the 12-week time commitment and the focus on a single level of certification, there’s now another option: our new SuccessTRAINING program.

SuccessTRAINING leverages the same materials and learning paths as SuccessCOACHING but delivers them as a self-guided on-demand experience.

Learners gain instant access to our full CSM training course catalog (yes, both Level 1 and 2, plus Level 3 when it becomes available in Q1), which they can complete at their own pace. This gives them the flexibility to focus on the topics that matter most to them based on their current challenges or certification needs.

How to Get Started with SuccessTRAINING

Interested in our new self-paced format? Sign up for SuccessTRAINING today and take advantage of our limited-time launch price.

Tips for Selecting a CSM Training Program:

  • Consider your learning style. Would you learn better with a coach guiding you through the curriculum step-by-step or do you prefer working through the material at your own pace?

  • Do you have specific Customer Success challenges that you need to address? SuccessTRAINING gives you immediate access to all of the learning modules so you can get solutions for the challenges you face, as you face them.

  • Are you pressed for time? If you’re a job seeker that needs your CSM Certification ASAP, SuccessTRAINING may be a better choice for you than waiting for a 12-week SuccessCOACHING cohort to run its course.

  • Is budget a consideration? SuccessTRAINING is offered as a recurring monthly subscription, while SuccessCOACHING is a one-time fee.

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Todd Eby

Todd Eby is the Co-Founder of SuccessHACKER. He's an acknowledged expert on the building and scaling of Customer Success programs and teams. He utilizes his 20+ years of experience to promote one simple truth; successful customers = successful business. His innovative approach to Customer Success has made him one of the most recognized thought leaders and influencers in the industry.