Announcing Learn: The SuccessCOACHING Education Partner Program


Today, we’re excited to announce an important milestone for SuccessCOACHING, the launch of our new Learn Education Partner Program.

With Learn, Customer Success technology providers can now tap into our proven training and certification programs for Customer Success Managers and extend access to these industry-leading programs to their customers.


Education is a crucial element when you are building a culture of Customer Success. The ability to provide our customers with industry-leading training that focuses on strong and proven fundamentals and best practices will help us accelerate that transformation with our customers, and will provide their teams with the knowledge and skills that they need to deliver the outcomes their customers require...
— Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess


By offering essential Customer Success training, our partners can empower their customers to accelerate the execution of their Customer Success strategy and improve the outcomes that they deliver to their customers with a winning combination of technology and education.


We’re thrilled to launch our program today with six founding partners including Amity, Catalyst, ChurnZero, ClientSuccess, CustomerSuccessBox and Strikedeck.

Like our partners, we obsess about Customer Success. The challenge Customer Success organizations face today is both operational and resource driven: they need to be delivering on their Customer Success strategy while increasing operational efficiencies and growing their operations.

Effectiveness and efficiency are increasingly key factors in whether a Customer Success organization will succeed at scaling while still delivering a compelling customer experience, and the Learn program will enable Customer Organizations with a holistic solution that addresses both the operational and resource-related challenges they face.

Our partners offer some of the best solutions available to aid Customer Success organizations to operationalize their Customer Success strategy, while we focus on empowering the people that power the strategy and operations with proven crucial skills-based Customer Success training.


We work with a lot of Customer Success leaders, and one thing we frequently hear is their desire to seek out career development opportunities for themselves as well as their team. As the CS profession as a whole is still evolving, we feel there is a real need to help accelerate strategy development. We believe the SuccessCOACHING education program will be an excellent resource and we are excited to be a founding partner.
— Abby Hammer, VP of Product at ChurnZero


Marrying our focus on the professional development of the people who power Customer Success organizations—the Customer Success professionals, their skills, capabilities and ability to execute—with Customer Success technology providers that enable Customer Success organizations to achieve greater operational efficiency while accelerating the delivery of their Customer Success strategy, makes partnering a natural fit and a win-win for Customer Success organizations around the world.

“We are thrilled to continue to expand our relationship with SuccessHACKER, [and] joining their Learn education partner program will help us to offer an expanded range of Customer Success training offerings that will greatly benefit our customers,” said Dave Blake, Founder/CEO of ClientSuccess. “This partnership program enables us to provide our customers a valuable resource that will help them to accelerate their Customer Success strategy.”

To find out more about Learn or join the program, visit