5 Online Certifications That Can Advance Your Career

online certifications

Online certifications have come a long way and can provide great value in terms of skill development, mentorship, leadership and teambuilding. These courses provide tangible business benefits, can bolster your career advancement, job prospects and professional growth.

If you can, try to get support from your organization — many companies have resources or programs designed specifically to help with this sort of thing! If the certification you’re interested in falls outside of your current scope or beyond your employer’s ability to help, it may still be worth pursuing, but make sure that you are keeping in mind the time and financial commitment of a certification.

While some training programs are provided 100% online, other programs offer standard classroom studies, if you prefer to learn in person. These five excellent online certifications are flexible, reputable, and valuable, making them worth the time and energy.

Rutgers Center for Innovation Education Customer Experience Certification

Customer experience is a critical part of business success in an environment where individual consumers have more power, choice and potential reach than ever before. Having training in this area gives you and your company an edge over the competition.

To obtain a solid foundation in how to understand your customer’s needs, develop actionable insights and implement solid customer experience methodology, the Rutgers Center for Innovation Education CX Certification can be an excellent resource. Though there are in-person classes, the online version offers all of the same materials and instruction at a self-guided pace.

Salesforce Certification

Salesforce know-how is an increasingly critical skillset in today’s business climate, and while it’s not necessary for every role, if you are looking to expand your professional opportunities and increase your value to the company, acquiring a Salesforce certification can open all kinds of doors.

Salesforce offers twenty-five certifications for six different roles, so make sure you know which one is best for you and your skills and career goals. Depending on your focus, you can acquire a certification as an:

  • Administrator

  • App builder

  • Architect

  • Consultant

  • Developer

  • Specialist

Georgia State Online Masters of Science (OMS) in Analytics

Regardless of your position within a company, it can be extremely valuable to have a good grounding in data and analytics, as this knowledge can be broadly applied to many parts of a business. Knowing how to analyze and identify ways to use data to solve problems and create efficiencies will make you a valuable employee and a tantalizing prospect.

The Georgia State OMS analytics program gives you the tools you need to:

  • Identify problems that can be addressed with analytics

  • Access and analyze relevant data streams

  • Understand and employ mathematical models

  • Execute analytics projects that are effective and valuable

Project Management Institute (PMI) Certification

There are eight certification programs offered by PMI. Courses for the PMI certification are offered online and include professional development for project managers, program managers, portfolio managers, business analysts, agile certified professionals, risk management professionals and more. Exams are held in an off-site location. Two weeks after passing the exam, PMI will issue a digital badge for you to share with your colleagues and employer.

Some of the skills obtained from a PMI certification include:

  • SCRUM, XP, Lean and Kanban

  • Leading and directing projects

  • Manage complex projects to achieve strategic and organizational results

  • Specialized development of maintaining project schedules

SuccessCOACHING Customer Success Manager Certification

SuccessCOACHING offers a notable CSM certification and training program. Customer Success Managers are data collectors and analyzers. They run programs to evaluate the interactions between customers and products, allowing them to educate, advocate and assess value for the customer.

The ultimate goal of a CSM is to retain brand-loyal customers for life, making this a critical role as more companies move to service and subscription models. Customer Success Managers are highly skilled in observing and listening.

SuccessCOACHING offers on-demand classes, guided 12-week courses and in-person workshops, allowing you to tailor your experience to your company's needs, level of professional achievement and career goals.

Online Certifications Set You up for Success

The modern workplace is always changing, and staying competitive as an employee and as a business means learning to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you and committing to being a lifelong learner. All of the certifications listed above will help you build a set of skills that are applicable and valuable in any business, especially new and innovative companies in the SaaS space.

Whichever program you decide upon, make sure you pick one that fits with your career goals and aligned with your available resources, especially time and finances. It’s critical that once you start, you finish, so only select online certifications that you know you can commit to!

What are you waiting for? Apply today! Your career advancement is worth it.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • DO pick a program that advances your career goals

  • DON’T choose a program that you won’t be able to complete. Try to get support from your organization if possible

  • DO talk to a career counselor before deciding upon a course of study

  • DON’T give up once you begin. Your colleagues and employer will be rooting for you

Sarah Pike

Sarah Pike, M.B.A., is a freelance marketing copywriter based in San Diego. She enjoys writing about business, fashion, food, healthcare, leadership, motivation and technology.