Open Learning Initiative: Now You Can Teach on the SuccessCOACHING Platform


Today, we announced that we’re taking another major step towards our goal of making comprehensive training for Customer Success professionals more accessible with the launch of our Open Learning initiative.

With this new initiative, we are opening the SuccessCOACHING platform to subject-matter experts, content creators, course authors and Customer Success ecosystem vendors and providing them with a platform to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation of Customer Success professionals.

Our goal is to empower traditional and non-traditional educators alike, giving them the ability to rapidly create great educational content while also providing them with additional reach and authority so that they can engage and educate an audience of global users who wish to develop in-demand skills that will help them accelerate their Customer Success careers.

To help accomplish this, we are also offering curriculum development and course authoring support from the SuccessHACKER learning and development team. Our team of educational developers will help course authors to navigate the course creation process, enabling them to accelerate their course development.

As the recently published State of the Customer Success Profession for 2019 report highlighted, the demand for highly-skilled Customer Success Managers is growing at a rate that outstrips the growth of the existing pool of talent.

This growth in the Customer Success job market is creating tremendous opportunities for new job seekers just entering the market and seasoned professionals interested in changing their career path. The challenge these aspiring Customer Success professionals face is one of skill acquisition; the Customer Success Manager role requires both hard and soft skills, as well as technical expertise that can be difficult to acquire.

Until today, no one learning solution existed that could support the extensive learning requirements of Customer Success professionals and organizations around the world. The Open Learning initiative aims to change that, by creating a central hub for all Customer Success learning content. This program, combined with the SuccessCOACHING learning platform and our deep understanding of Customer Success and the skills needed by its practitioners, uniquely positions us to bring this vision to life.

Whether you are a course creator, Customer Success influencer or a vendor in the Customer Success ecosystem, we believe that if you feel that you have something to teach, you should have a place to share your expertise.

More on how to become an instructor, including how to apply to the program, can be found at