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Customer Success Manager Training

Learn the Tactics and Strategies Top Customer Success Managers use to reduce Churn, increase Adoption and deliver more Renewals.


Customer Success Training for CSMs.


Our 12-week online Customer Success Training and Certification programs teach you a proven, systematic approach to delivering Customer Success.

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Learn the tactics top Customer Success Managers use to reduce churn, increase adoption and deliver more renewals.

Our program teaches you the exact Customer Success Management skills and practices you need to use to deliver the best possible outcomes for your customers.

Customer Success Training for all Levels.

Our Customer Success Manager Training and Certification courses are the perfect option for any customer-focused business. We begin with the foundational elements of Customer Success, and progress through a systematic approach to Customer Success, progressively layering on more advanced concepts and practices as the courses proceed. No matter where you are in your Customer Success journey, we have the perfect training designed to accelerate your growth and help you solve your current challenges.

Which Training Course is right for you?

No matter where you are at in your career as a Customer Success Manager we have the perfect training course to help you improve your skills, expand your knowledge and solve your current challenges.

Level 1
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CSM Foundations

Learn the foundational practices that power and drive Customer Success. Level 1 of the CSM Coaching program focuses on teaching you the key practices top CSMs are using to deliver better outcomes for their customers. When it comes to delivering success to your customers you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

This Course Will Teach You:

  • The Key Components of Customer Success
  • How To Think Like Your Customer
  • The Core Principles Of Effective Onboarding
  • A Proven Success Planning Methodology
  • How To Deliver Effective Business Reviews
  • Strategies For Re-Engaging Disengaged Customers
  • How To Drive Increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • A Consultative Approach To Customer Success
  • The Key Disciplines Of Execution
  • Top Strategies For Handling Escalations
  • Crucial Tactics For Handling Tricky Customers
  • The Key Customer Success Metrics for CSMs

Level 1 Curriculum

  • Week 1 | Customer Success Key Concepts

    Where did Customer Success come from and what is involved in it's delivery? You'll get the full story. You'll learn the technological and business drivers behind the evolution that lead to the transformation of the post-sales client services organization into customer success. We'll also cover the various key elements that a scalable Customer Success program is composed of and how they impact you as a CSM.

  • Week 2 | Thinking Like a Customer

    It's easy to say you're 'customer centric', but much harder to actually walk the walk. You'll learn what customer-first thinking looks like, and get some practical tactics that you can apply right away to increase your customer-centric thinking.

  • Week 3 | Principles of Effective Onboarding

    Start off on the right foot. You'll learn about the key principles and practices of onboarding. We'll discuss the key activities and you'll learn how to get your customer's started using your product the right way.

  • Week 4 | Success Plan Development and Execution

    Customer Success is a journey. And, the road to Success is always under construction. You'll learn what goes into the creation of a Success Plan. You'll come away with the knowledge and skills to develop and execute a Success Plan that delivers.

  • Week 5 | Effective Business Reviews

    Success is about always making sure that you’re delivering value with every customer interaction. You'll learn what a Business Review is and how to make your next one a success. You will learn the complete process step-by-step and will come away with the recipe for creating a Business Review that delivers value.

  • Week 6 | Re-Engaging Disengaged Customers

    Never wonder again what you should do when a customer goes 'dark'. You’ll learn how to recognize a disengaged customer and discuss some common reasons why customers might drop off the radar. We’ll then share some practical tips on how to re-establish a line of communications in a way that doesn’t compromise or devalue your relationship with them.

  • Week 7 | Managing Accounts To Drive CLTV

    Managing your accounts is more than just Success Plans and QBRs. You'll learn advanced strategies and techniques for managing your accounts. You'll be introduced to an expanded set of account planning tools and templates that will enable you to establish the right relationships with the right stakeholders and aid you in becoming a trusted advisor.

  • Week 8 | Taking A Consultative Approach

    Learn to go deeper with your accounts and uncover the opportunities that you've been missing. Taking a consultative approach will help you establish a trusted advisor relationship with your key stakeholders. Learn how to apply the consultative approach to understanding and connecting business needs with your solution so you can deliver the outcomes your customer needs.

  • Week 9 | Execution and Follow-Through

    Strategy and process are great, but executing and managing expectations is where the 'rubber meets the road'. You'll learn how to get focused and execute like a champ. You'll develop a deeper understanding of the most important aspects of execution, follow-through and expectation management.

  • Week 10 | Escalations and Ownership

    How you address issues and handle expectations make a huge difference in how you’re perceived by your customers. Learn how you can take ownership of your customers in the right way, and navigate both internal and external escalations.

  • Week 11 | Handling Tricky Customers

    I want it all, and I want it yesterday! Customers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, you'll learn how to profile your different customer types and the keys to how to work best with even your trickiest customers and the situations they present.

  • Week 12 | Understanding Customer Success Metrics

    If you want to achieve it, you better put a number on it. Ever wondered how to calculate CLTV (or what it even is)? You're going to learn all about the key metrics that you will hear about regularly. You'll learn what they mean and how to calculate them.

Level 2
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CSM Growth

Expanding on the core CSM practices you learned in Level 1 (Core), our Level 2 course will refine your ability to effectively manage your internal relationships and portfolio of accounts. Level 2 of the CSM Coaching program focuses on giving you the tools and strategies that will enable you to effectively negotiate and resolve a wide-variety of common internal and external challenges that can impact your ability to deliver success.

This Course Will Teach You:

  • How To Set SMART Objectives You Can Deliver
  • How To Quantify And Manage Your Capacity
  • The Best-Practices For Assessing Customer Health 
  • Proven Techniques For Identifying Risky Customers
  • How To Manage Product-Related Challenges 
  • How To Turn Customer Feedback Into Gold
  • How To Use Churn To Your Advantage
  • A Systematic Way To Build Customer Advocacy
  • The Key Methods For Increasing Upsells
  • Crucial Strategies For Increasing Your Renewals
  • How To Cultivate A Success Mindset In Your Org
  • Key Tactics Increasing Alignment With Sales 

Level 2 Curriculum

  • Week 1 | Setting SMARTer Objectives

    Everyone needs to achieve Objectives (if they want to get paid). You'll learn about SMART Objective setting. We'll discuss how you can use your new found knowledge to develop clearer, more achievable Objectives and OKRs so that you can get paid.

  • Week 2 | Effectively Managing Your Customer Engagement and Capacity

    Learn how to effectively visualize your model for engaging with your customer and its impact on your capacity. Most CSMs feel overwhelmed at some point due to an ever expanding portfolio of accounts. Learn how to visualize your current workload and capacity based on your customer contact and engagement model so that you can have more intelligent conversations about your capacity with your leadership.

  • Week 3 | Assessing and Managing Customer Health

    How healthy are your customers? You’ll learn how to recognize circumstances that may lead to churn or put your customers 'at-risk'. We'll show you how to identify what should be monitored, what to track as possible risk indicators, and you'll learn the importance of early intervention and not relying on techniques to save the customer.

  • Week 4 | Identifying and Managing Risk

    Risk is inevitable. Managed well, risk can be turned from a negative experience to one that provides valuable insights as well as a positive outcome for the customer. We’ll share how to build a risk management process that holds all company departments accountable and decreases the probability of risk turning into churned revenue.

  • Week 5 | Managing Bugs, Feature Requests and Workarounds

    Working on the front-line, you’re a critical interface between your product team and your customers. Customer Success is often challenged by customers to prioritize bug fixes, accelerate feature requests, and create inventive workarounds to compensate for gaps in product functionality. We’ll discuss how CSMs can use their unique vantage point to influence product roadmap and help Product Managers to better understand the impact of sometimes seemingly innocuous decisions.

  • Week 6 | Responding To Customer Feedback

    All customer feedback is a gift. Getting great customer feedback is like striking gold, but what about negative feedback? You'll learn how you respond to both and what you need to do with the information to drive improved engagement and higher levels of customer advocacy.

  • Week 7 | Learning From Churn

    Churn hurts. There’s no other way to put it. No-one likes losing a customer. But, rather than just wave farewell to the customer, let’s see if there’s a way we can take this negative event and extract some positive learnings from it. We’ll explore some practical tools for better understanding a customer’s reasons for leaving and taking those learnings to prevent future churn. We’ll also give some tips on making the churn experience smooth and professional for the customer, to help protect your brand reputation and leave open the door for a potential future return.

  • Week 8 | Creating Advocacy

    Turn your happy customers into raving fans. You'll hold the keys to creating customer advocacy and will come away with an advocacy playbook that you can put into action to help you drive deeper customer relationships and spur expansion.

  • Week 9 | Increasing Upsells and Expansion

    We need more upsell revenue! A familiar rallying cry from Customer Success leaders across the planet. But upsells and expansions are not a revenue source that you can just turn on like a tap whenever you want it. Instead they need to be carefully orchestrated many months in advance of the event itself. We’ll discuss the customer motivations for spending more money with you, how to approach the upsell/expansion conversation and how to set appropriate expectations with your manager.

  • Week 10 | Managing Retention and Driving Renewals

    If you’re making your customers successful, they’re likely to want to stick around.When it comes to improving retention and handling renewals, the best strategy is to ensure that customers have consistently realized value from their time and financial investment in your solution. In this module we’ll talk about how your ability to consistently demonstrate the value you’ve delivered is critical, and why the best renewals are the ones that happen organically.

  • Week 11 | Cultivating and Nurturing Internal Relationships for Success

    Customer Success is a team sport. Learning how to cultivate and nurture your internal relationships is critical if you want to get things done. Do you depend on others in your larger organization to make your successful? You'll learn learn how to establish effective internal relationships and how to align effectively with other parts of your organization so you get the help you need to make your customers successful.

  • Week 12 | Aligning and Communicating with Sales

    Is blaming things on Sales becoming a contact sport in your organization? All too often, companies fail to realize that the old way of thinking, Sales is responsible for bringing in the customers and CS is responsible for keeping them, is dead. You'll learn how to align your priorities and objectives with your Sales counterparts and turn them into your key partner in delivering Success.

Level 3
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Develop a more strategic approach to managing yourself, your time and your customers more efficiently. In Level 3, you'll learn how to apply strategic thinking and actions to your entire portfolio of accounts. We'll teach you how to make smart moves that drive your customers and career forward. You'll learn how to focus beyond simply achieving a renewal and elevate your thinking so that your approach to managing accounts focuses on determining courses of action that increase the customers lifetime value.


Course Pricing.


Level 1

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Learn the foundational practices that drive Customer Success. We will teach you the key practices top CSMs are using to deliver better outcomes for their customers.

Level 2

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Expand upon the foundational CSM practices you learned in Level 1 and refine your ability to effectively manage your internal relationships and portfolio of accounts.

Level 3

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Develop a strategic approach to managing yourself, your time and your customers more efficiently. Make smart moves that drive your customers and career forward.

Thinking about having your whole team participate in the course? Discounted pricing is available for teams of 3 or more. Contact us for more information and a quote.


Each 12-week Customer Success Training and Coaching course includes:

  • 12 Customer Success lessons covering the key practices of Customer Success Management delivered to you weekly.
  • Over 30 hours of training and coaching from Customer Success experts with real-world experience.
  • Lifetime access to the CSM Coaching course materials and our archive of resources, templates, and white papers.
  • 12 Weekly 90-minute Group Coaching sessions to help you work through the challenges you are currently facing.
  • CSM Certification examination and Digital Certificate/Badge upon completing the course and passing the examination.
  • Connection to a global community of Customer Success Managers and leaders from around the world.

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October Level 1 CSM Training Course

Course Dates: October 25, 2018 - January 17, 2019

Learn a systematic approach to delivering Customer Success and the practices top CSMs use to gain control of their time, capacity and Customer Success. 

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October Level 2 CSM Training Course

Course Dates: October 25, 2018 - January 17, 2019

Expand upon the foundational CSM practices you learned in Level 1 and refine your ability to effectively manage your internal relationships and portfolio of accounts.

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Learn the tactics and practices top Customer Success Managers use to reduce churn, increase adoption and make renewals inevitable.


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