Discover the Five Key Disciplines of the Accomplished Customer Success Professional

Are Customer Success professionals born or made? The Customer Success Competency Model (CSCM) defines the behaviors and skills that it takes to excel Customer Success.

With the CSCM you now have a method for evaluating whether your team has the skills necessary to perform at a world-class level, with the CSCM you now have a way to assess your team and determine where you need to invest to improve your team’s Customer Success skills and abilities.

Download the full 60-page guide today to learn universally applicable principles that help companies improve Customer Success roles by:

  • Providing a consistent, scalable model for developing effective leaders and team members

  • Empowering Customer Success team members to take charge of their professional growth with concrete examples of success-based traits

  • Establishing how key attributes help achieve objectives and outcomes


The SuccessCOACHING Customer Success Competency Model provides the foundation for talent management throughout the Customer Success career lifecycle and helps organizations ensure that their Customer Success teams are proficient in the critical Disciplines and Skills necessary to solve today's most pressing customer and company challenges.