Helping You to Help Others Start a Career in Customer Success

 We’re on a Mission to Help You Improve Lives


At SuccessCOACHING, our mission is to make Customer Success Manager careers more accessible. 

To demonstrate our commitment to that mission we’ve joined Pledge 1% and created our PledgeONE program to put our commitment into action.

With PledgeONE, we’re creating a network of workforce development organizations, academic institutions and nonprofits, all working to improve people’s lives by donating access to career training that will help them to start a career in Customer Success.

 Why Create PledgeONE?

Joining Pledge 1% and creating the PledgeONE program was a clear choice for us. It aligned with our mission to remove the barriers to accessing career training that often prevent people from taking that first key step towards starting a career in Customer Success.

We recognize that while Customer Success job openings are growing at a rate of 80% year-over-year, not everyone has equal access to those opportunities, and that many do not have the support they need to launch a career in Customer Success.

We created PledgeONE and are donating access to our Launch Customer Success Manager training and certification product to help the organizations who are focused on removing those challenges to accomplish their goal of getting more people living wage jobs in the tech sector.

Helping Us Make Our Social Impact Commitment a Reality


How does PledgeONE help?

When you become a PledgeONE partner you join a network of organizations that work to improve lives by providing career training that helps individuals prepare for a job in the growing field of Customer Success.

PledgeONE assists workforce development organizations, academic institutions and nonprofits that are working to close the opportunity gap for tech jobs in two ways:

  1. We offer assistance and expert guidance to organizations that are developing programs designed to help their job seekers get a job in Customer Success.

  2. We provide access to an industry-leading Customer Success training and certification program at no charge.


 How PledgeONE Works

We work with each PledgeONE partner organization on a campaign basis.

Your campaign provides your organization the opportunity to share how you are working to provide current and future job seekers with better opportunities to get jobs in tech and Customer Success.

Each PledgeONE campaign is a two-month commitment, where SuccessCOACHING donates a complimentary one-year training subscription to the partner organization for each subscription sold for one of our Launch Customer Success training and certification products.

The Process is Simple:


Step 1: Using our resources and guidance, we help you to map out the best way for your program to utilize the training and assist you with crafting your PledgeONE campaign announcement and campaign.

Step 2: We schedule and plan your campaign. Every two months, we launch a new PledgeONE partner campaign and will work with you to make sure you’re ready for your campaign’s kick-off.

Step 3: We launch your campaign. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to maximize the exposure of your campaign and will produce a PledgeONE Spotlight featuring your program to raise awareness for your cause.

Step 4: You share your campaign with your network and promote your participation in the program to increase exposure and awareness.

Step 5: At the end of the campaign, we provide an accounting of subscriptions sold during the campaign and provide you with an equal number of complimentary one-year subscriptions that you can begin assigning to your program participants.


 How do I get started?

One of the best parts of PledgeONE is that it is easy to get involved. It takes less than a minute to apply to become a partner. 


Step 1: Click the button below to start your application.

Step 2: We’ll contact you to learn more about your program and verify that your program or organization qualifies. If you do, we will follow-up with the resources that you need to get started.

Step 3: You use PledgeONE’s resources and one-on-one guidance to map out how your organization can integrate a Customer Success job seeker program into you current program and plan your campaign.

Apply to PledgeONE Today.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Success Manager Job Openings are Currently Growing at a Rate of 80% Year Over Year

PledgeONE offers your organization a chance to tap into a promising job market by providing access to career training designed to give job seekers the skills they need to launch their career as a Customer Success Manager.