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Our Story


A Return to the Fundamentals

All around the world over-stressed, churn-fighting Customer Success leaders and CSMs just like you are trying their best to keep up with customer challenges as they work tirelessly to deliver successful outcomes for their customers. Unfortunately, a lot of these efforts end up falling short of expectations. 

The technology and tools they thought would make all the difference weren't the "silver bullet" they expected them to be and all the "expert advice" about how to combat churn and increase renewals proved to be great in theory, not so much in practice.

The thing that most Customer Success practitioners and leaders are starting to realize is that there is no "easy" button. Delivering Success takes more than fancy dashboards, general advice and thought leadership.

True, long-term Success starts with the ability and knowledge of the individuals responsible for delivering it. Customer Success is and always will be about the people and their knowledge, skills and abilities.

To deliver Success you must have skilled CSMs that understand the practices that are key to delivering Customer Success. CSMs that have the proper mindset and the knowledge to apply it.

This requires that CSMs and Success leaders teams raise the bar on their current definition of “training” for Customer Success.


Raising the Bar on Customer Success Training and Education

We created the SuccessCOACHING courses because, while everyone across the board acknowledged that getting good Customer Success training is critical to their success, nobody was delivering the type of training we believe today's Customer Success practitioners need.

The current approach that many Customer Success educators and companies are taking to providing CSMs and Leaders with training is both inefficient and unproductive. Too much time is wasted on information that looks good on "paper", but is not actionable.

SuccessCOACHING's programs shift the focus away from providing general information about the "why" and the "what", to delivering practical, proven methods and practices that provide the "how" of delivering Customer Success. 

Today, what university you attended matters far less than how well you are prepared for, and can do, the job. Today, it's your skills that will get you hired.

We believe that the best way to grow or start your career is to invest in yourself and we are focused on creating the courses and educational materials that enable you maximize your potential.


Our Mission

At SuccessCOACHING, our mission is to reinvent the Customer Success training experience for Leaders and Customer Success Managers, to make it practical, effective, and actionable as soon as you leave the lesson or classroom.


Meet the Team

First, we’re educators. When it comes to teaching Customer Success you want to learn from someone who has done the job and not just talked about it. We've taught hundreds of CSMs and Customer Success leaders the art of Customer Success.

Second, we’re experienced leaders and practitioners. Combined we have over 60+ years experience in the field as B2B and B2C Operations, Services, Customer Success, Support and Account Management leaders and practitioners.

SuccessCOACHING is the direct outgrowth of what we've learned from our years in the trenches and from working with a wide variety of companies from around the world who are reimagining how they train and educate their Customer Success teams.


James Scott

12 years experience in Customer Success, Sales, Operations, Support and Services.

Andrew Marks

24 years experience in Operations, Customer Success, Services and Account Management.

Aaron Thompson

12 years experience in Customer Success, Sales, Operations and Support.

Todd Eby

23 years experience in Operations, Customer Success, Services, and Product Development.

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